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 Do You like To Sniff Used Smelly Socks ?


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If your answer is YES – you  come to the right place!


well worn smelly man socks

I’ll tell you my story ….

 I am 26 years old and I live in Israel.

I’m sending  my socks because I have to pay for my college studies.

It all started about a year ago that I first heard people like the smell of my legs.

It was strange for me the first time to hear it from one of my classmates.

After a few days I published a pair of socks for sale and the product was sold after 24 hours, I was just in shock. After the purchase I received an email and the customer asked me to wear the socks for 2 day and send them to him.

I really wanted my first customer to be satisfied. After two weeks I got a message from the client and there he wrote that he really liked the smell of my socks and asked me to send him a few more pairs.

Today I have  number of  friends Who love and buy my socks .They are from the United States, Germany, England and Slovakia and Denmark.

And What About You?

Do You Want To Try My Smelly Socks?